Workshops for Couples, Families and Parents Inside your Company, School, Church or Group

Adults bring the weight of parenting and family responsibility to work with them each and everyday.

Most groups of adults around the globe that meet around a common interest have something else in common too, parenting.

Each decade the demands placed on the educational institutions in society grow.  Many teachers are parents and the students they are reaching have parents.  Educating parents supports a thriving school environment by building a partnership between parents and educators.

Olive Orchard Lab will bring insight into appropriate research based practices, child development (0-18), practical tips for home and school, and motivation to be INTENTIONAL when working on parenting and family.

We also provide workshops for young adults, singles, and seriously dating/engaged where we look at dating and criteria building, what it looks like to date seriously, and social skill building for young adults.

Workshops with Marcy Sizemore:
  • Crafting a Family Mission Statement
  • Balancing Family While Building a Business or Career
  • The Purposeful Playroom – Don’t ‘KonMari’ it yet!
  • The Structured Family – Discipline, Schedules, Expectations
Workshops with Lori Cooley:
  • Young Adults, Singles, Seriously Dating/Engaged
  • Dating and Criteria Building
  • Social Skill Building for Young Adults
  • Overcoming Isolation
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