Mom & Dad of Two Teenage Girls

We feel so blessed to have found Marcy to walk alongside us while parenting our teenage daughters.  I first met Marcy in Gainesville, when we served together in North Central Florida Junior League.  Marcy has a heart of service & her organizational skills, coupled with her disciplined nature, made her one of our league’s most reliable members.
I can always depend on Marcy to give me the advice that I need, plus, as a Christian mom, it means the world to me that she will actually pray for God to work through any struggle that my family is facing.
One thing I love about Marcy’s approach is that unlike most coaches, Marcy does not have a “one size fits all” strategy.  Instead, Marcy digs deeper to help me find the solution that’s uniquely important for My Family-My Beliefs-My Goals.
Her Family Mission Statement process truly defines the difference between my family’s ability to survive or thrive!
Marcy’s helped me to sharpen my decision making tools, along with helping me establish realistic discipline consequences.  That has been the difference between me reading a parenting book & trying to implement my own consequences, which never sticked because they weren’t doable, and having a real live coach to help me process & address my real life issues.
With Marcy by my side, I can experience progress over perfection—my quest for ‘perfection’ wasn’t working & was actually pushing my teens away.
Having Marcy for my coach means that I have a trusted confidant in my parenting pocket. I can share the nitty gritty trials that I’d be embarrassed to share with other parents or teachers.  Marcy has truly been a lifesaver & there simply are not enough words to describe what she means to us!
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