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“Marcy is an amazing coach! She is so easy to talk to and has given me valuable information on how to deal with a little one. My little boy is now 17 months and she has talked me through the many different challenging stages that babies go through. Sleeping difficulties, eating behaviors,  positive discipline, and what toys to provide that are age appropriate for learning, are just a few of the topics that we have covered over the last 17 months. She has taught me how to resolve difficulties but also has given me creative ideas on how to prevent them. All of her advice has been extremely effective and I would encourage anyone to see her for guidance. ” – First Time Mom & RN

“There comes a point in raising a teenager when you hit a wall in communication.  Its natural and inevitable, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating for parent and child.  Our family was there! We spent most evenings trying to pull out of our child what he was thinking, feeling and what made him so anxious.   He seemed lost in his own thoughts and anxiety and regardless of how much concern and love we expressed, he just couldn’t share those innermost challenges with us.  We felt like we were failing him daily.

It was then that we decided to reach out to Marcy at Olive Orchard Lab for help.  She was a parent of teens so she knew how we felt dealing with this moment in our child’s development of self, but most importantly she knew how to provide a safe space for him to work through this on his own terms and timing.

Marcy met with our son and quickly assessed his strengths and began building upon those.  She knew his intellect was such an integral part of what made him special but how it also could become his biggest hurdle in life if he didn’t know how to use it.   She provided a time bi-weekly that our son could speak freely and without opinions about the things he was struggling with and she would help him find the pathway to resolution.

Goal setting and planning the steps to achievement of those goals was key to reducing his anxieties about the future that was shutting him down.  School was easy for him but life was getting harder with his pending senior year and the prospect of college and all that entails. Therefore, he needed to learn the steps involved in setting and achieving the goals he felt were important for himself.  Marcy provided the framework and asked him the tough questions and he did the rest.

It wasn’t long before we started to see him doing more things with purpose, keeping a personal schedule, and interacting with us with more ease. Marcy helped him see how much our love manifested through our desire to communicate more with him.  She helped him find his voice and how he could use that to teach us how to better communicate with him.

Now in his Senior year, he is a different person.  Setting goals and achieving them was the key to him overcoming his anxiety because he learned how to do it step by step and that he could do it without fear of failure.

Our son is now ready for the independence that is required for college and we have learned how to better parent a developing young adult.” – Mom & Dad of young adult/senior in high school

“Before working with Marcy, I struggled with planning, setting goals, and focusing. Because of these issues, I often felt anxious about my future and how I could make decisions that would help me reach my short and long term goals for life. With her help and confidential guidance, I was able to begin planning weekly goals and using her organizational strategies to reach them. Assignments and projects were completed on time, with much less clouding anxiety. Once I had mastered weekly goals, I graduated to those of personal development, like earning my license to drive and obtaining employment. With confidence, I could achieve these goals, so I went after them; subsequently, making them within the same week. This past year under Olive Orchard Lab has prepared me for the rest of my life, as I embark upon the next frontier of college. I will be forever thankful for the guidance, and personal attention Marcy Sizemore has afforded me.”  – 18 year old, male, high school senior

We feel so blessed to have found Marcy to walk alongside us while parenting our teenage daughters.  I first met Marcy in Gainesville, when we served together in North Central Florida Junior League.  Marcy has a heart of service & her organizational skills, coupled with her disciplined nature, made her one of our league’s most reliable members.

I can always depend on Marcy to give me the advice that I need, plus, as a Christian mom, it means the world to me that she will actually pray for God to work through any struggle that my family is facing.

One thing I love about Marcy’s approach is that unlike most coaches, Marcy does not have a “one size fits all” strategy.  Instead, Marcy digs deeper to help me find the solution that’s uniquely important for My Family-My Beliefs-My Goals.

Her Family Mission Statement process truly defines the difference between my family’s ability to survive or thrive!

Marcy’s helped me to sharpen my decision making tools, along with helping me establish realistic discipline consequences.  That has been the difference between me reading a parenting book & trying to implement my own consequences, which never sticked because they weren’t doable, and having a real live coach to help me process & address my real life issues.

With Marcy by my side, I can experience progress over perfection—my quest for ‘perfection’ wasn’t working & was actually pushing my teens away.

Having Marcy for my coach means that I have a trusted confidant in my parenting pocket. I can share the nitty gritty trials that I’d be embarrassed to share with other parents or teachers.  Marcy has truly been a lifesaver & there simply are not enough words to describe what she means to us!” – Mom & Dad of Two Teenage Girls

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