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The truth of matter is that the very fact you are reaching out  to proactively grow on your parenting journey means that you are in fact, NOT A BAD PARENT!  It has been said that parenting is perhaps the hardest job one will ever do in life.  And what is required to parent is a growth mindset, extensive tool gathering, consistent support, and resilience.  A parent coach meets a parent in any stage right at the place they are.  There is no judgement throughout the process.  When you’ve read all the books, tried all the “fix-it” suggestions on all the websites, and talked to all the friends and family around and are still STRUGGLING to find a peaceful family existence then you know it is time.  As a certified parent coach, I will help you get back on track, set healthy attainable goals, sort through the loads of information available to parents to find what specifically works for you and your family’s unique situation and needs. 

  • If you are in crisis and need therapeutic intervention (depression, anxiety, mental health issues).  Many clients are currently in treatment for these, and that’s okay.  But, coaching cannot address these types of issues specifically.
  • If you want a magic pill-quick fix coaching is not for you.  Coaching happens over time and requires commitment and work along with an understanding that meaningful change comes from within.  
  • If you ONLY want to complain.  It is expected that complaints will be expressed and often, but what follows the complaining MUST be a willingness to grow and change. 

Being a young adult today is filled with many challenges; peer pressure to fit in, parent pressure to succeed, an ever changing body and mind can create overwhelm.  And many of the skills needed to succeed as an adult are not actually “taught” but rather assumed that they are known.  Becoming an adult happens over time with many transitions throughout. The coach for a young adult provides a judgement-free, safe, sharing zone; a place to explore what makes him/her unique while engaging in a process of working towards successful self-sufficiency.  

Skills often Addressed throughout sessions:

  • Time management
  • Appropriate and effective communication 
  • Personal Health & Hygiene (school-life balance)
  • Organization & Schedule
  • Goal Setting (realistic)
  • Future Planning (immediate and beyond)
  • Job Application process
  • College Application process
  • Life Balance (body, mind, spirit)

Coaching is unique in that it helps people identify strengths/weaknesses, what they are doing well/poorly, and what changes can be made in their situation.  As a parent/young adult coach, I help people explore personal values and verbalize their vision for the future as it relates to their current situation.  From there, we dive into setting goals, identifying obstacles, and moving forward with accountability in place.  It is a process that happens over time; you can think of it as structured guidance with a growth mindset.  Together, we identify logical next steps and necessary modifications to your existing parenting situation.  Therapy and Counseling tend to focus on past wounds and healing; parent/young adult coaching deals in the present.  Therapists help diagnose and treat; Coaches help solve.  Coaching is based on a relationship between equals; I am solution and strategy oriented.  I do not provide therapy, but if therapy is requested or identified as a need, I do encourage clients to seek therapy from a qualified mental health provider in their area. 

No way!  Ever noticed how the best teams in sports still have coaches?  Yep, they are consistent in their efforts to not only practice but to also assess and adjust along the way.  That’s what coaching can bring to your life.  Even if you can’t identify a “problem”, we all benefit from the process of reflection.  And remember, change is always around every corner, and preparing in advance for it will likely bring a smoother transition then letting it happen accidentally.  The goal is always positive growth and change that occurs over time. 

When the below statements are true, then coaching is perfect for you.  

  • If you want help to discover effective parenting solutions…
  • If you are overwhelmed with a child’s behavior and feel like you are stuck in a rut…
  • If you are looking to balance work/life/marriage/routines/kids…
  • If you want to “get on the same page” with your partner as you raise your kids…
  • If you are psychologically healthy but are struggling in day to day life
  • If you “know what to do” but never seem to implement or follow through with it….
  • If you need new coping mechanisms and tools to be the best parent you can be…
  • If you are ready for change….
  • If you want to move forward but feel stuck…
  • If you keep having the same conversations about the same issues…
  • If you are beginning to feel hopeless about your parenting….
  • If you feel unsupported and confused about your parenting…
  • If you are ready to learn new skills and focus on a different way…
  • If you want to feel more confident in your parenting journey…

Each coaching session follows a general flow: checking in on action items from a previous session, discussing issues to be addressed in the current session, exploring the who/what/where/when that surrounds the issue, developing a plan with specific new action items, identifying limiting beliefs and possible obstacles.

Parent coaching sessions are 50 minutes in length.

Young adult coaching sessions are 45 minutes in length.  

Professional, one on one, individualized focus from Marcy regarding your parenting/child/family/life journey.   Unlimited access to Olive Orchard Lab’s secure client portal, Intentional.  Intentional organizes your personal coaching journey by keeping detailed session notes, alongside providing appointment reminders, pre-session and follow-up communication, documentation of goals and progress, as well as e-mail communication with Marcy in between sessions. 

Effective parent and young adult coaching happens inside a process.  It is not a quick fix which is why I do not offer single sessions unless they are “add-ons” after a previous package has been purchased and used.  Three sessions is the minimum requirement to begin work.  The coaching process relies upon relationship & accountability and these two things happen over time.  Sessions can happen at whatever interval you feel work best.  In most cases, clients find that something between every 2-4 weeks works best.  The most common packages purchased and used at OOL are the 6 Session Parent Package and the Young Adult Semester Support.

The main objective of the 20 minute Discovery Session is to discover FIT.  My ultimate goal is for you to get out of coaching what you need.  The session will allow you the time to communicate what it is you are going through and your needs.  You will also discover details like, who I am, how I work, and what is involved in the process of coaching.  If the FIT is right, then you leave knowing that what you need and what I provide match up! The discovery session can happen in person, on the phone, or via Zoom. 

In most cases, children are not involved in the parent coaching sessions.  At a parent’s request, a family observation may sometimes occur to help me better understand behaviors, reactions, and systems.  When young adults are the client, the Discovery Session can happen with both parents and young adult present.  And then the sessions continue with just the young adult unless the parent is requested. Both parents are never required, but both parents are always welcome.  It is important to remember that parent coaching is not couples therapy, the child-centered mission is paramount. For couples in a healthy, functional relationship, it is great to have both attend the session, but it is not a requirement.  Other interested caregivers such as nannies, grandparents, babysitters, etc can be included in the sessions at the parents request and with prior notification. 

I live in the beautiful south Georgia small town of Thomasville.  My cozy office is located inside the functional medicine clinic, New Genesis Center at 814 Gordon Avenue.  I enjoy seeing clients face to face and in-person (with a mask due to Covid-19 precautions) when appropriate, but  all coaching can happen via Zoom or phone anytime.  Infact, research has shown that coaching clients often experience more growth more quickly when not in person.  So, do not let location dictate your journey.  International clients are welcome.  Sessions take place in English.  

Absolutely.  Many mental health providers refer patients to Olive Orchard Lab to provide an extra level of support where growth is desired.   I am happy to coordinate with any other professionals that are part of your support team.  This includes schools, teachers, guidance counselors as well as psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, and counselors. 

Sessions are unique and individual to your family dynamics, parenting style, strengths/weakness, personal experience etc. I work with parents on routine, everyday issues as well as specialized, complicated challenges.  Small changes in your home and life can equal HUGE impacts.  These tiny shifts in one area of parenting often improve personal and professional lives as well.  Issues addressed can range from transitions, friends, sibling relationships, misbehavior, daily routines, education & school choices related to disabilities/learning styles/challenges, executive functioning skills, disrespect, boundaries, sleep schedules, family dynamics, home organization, work/life balance, temper tantrums, problems with school and homework, planning for the future, effective and consistent discipline and the list goes on and on.

Sample Goals from past clients:

Parent clients:

  • To learn coping strategies and tools to help guide my elementary aged kids
  • To change the direction of my “toxic” relationship with my child
  • To shift from “struggle” to “flow” during our daily home life
  • To have a more joyful parenting experience and quality connection with my children
  • To reach for new tools instead of yelling about the same stuff over and over
  • To understand the development of my child and see the meaning behind their behavior
  • To identify and utilize the strengths of each parent (explore parenting styles)
  • To develop a healthy relationship between screens, media, technology and life in our home and family


Young adult clients:

  • To work toward organizing my daily life so that I can succeed in school and work
  • To learn how to set goals and actually work toward them
  • To focus on relationships and my social world without anxiety taking over
  • To balance my time between body, mind, and spirit
  • To gain skills for college and living independently 
  • To communicate who I am, what I want, and where I’m going
  • To identify and use self-care skills
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