Crafting a Family Mission Statement Course

Cultivating a strong family culture begins with intention and action toward that goal. A Family Mission Statement (FMS) is a powerful document that governs your family over time.  It is the rich soil that the deep roots of family can reach into and grow from. Many families say that their FMS provided a sense of purpose and meaning for them; others report that having something to guide decisions and behaviors is most valuable. Creating a Family Mission Statement together as a family is the ultimate bonding experience! It is the truest expression of “start with the end in mind”, for if we allow our families to develop randomly or accidentally over time we will certainly end up where we never intended to be.  Take the first step.  Have a growth mindset where your family is concerned. Move from ACCIDENTAL to INTENTIONAL and begin crafting your Family Mission Statement (FMS).  

This course provides step by step guidance for Crafting a Family Mission Statement. It is appropriate for any age and stage, from the newly married couple without children to the empty nesters with 10 grandchildren, the single parent families, the blended families, and everything in between.  You can work at your own pace and even share your results at the end. The course is designed to train and empower you, the parent, to be the facilitator in the FMS process. You can even opt to add-on communication with Certified Coach and developer, Marcy Sizemore, throughout the process.  

Common topics explored through the course:  

Priorities, Values, Environment, Character, Purpose, Principles, Guidelines

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