Marcy Sizemore on the Gracious Counsel Podcast

Olive Orchard Lab found Marcy Sizemore was recently a guest on Angie Avard Turner’s Gracious Counsel podcast. Listen to the interview here: 

Time is the Best Teacher

Here goes… My first blog post!  It’s fun to do new things and my adventurous spirit has ramped up over the last couple of years.  Trust me…. I still fight the “over-cautious” bug that developed over the years of raising 4 children.  But, hey….. I’m making steps forward and I am enjoying the path I’m currently walking.  Recently, I have…

Ditch the Books!

At some point in our adult lives we begin to believe that if we buy the book, the action of “buying” will alone actually do the hard work of parenting. 

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